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Depending on your beliefs, preferences, traditions or indeed customs, flowers may or may not form an integral part of the funeral plans.

Although it is becoming more commonplace for charitable donations to be requested in lieu of flowers, this does not normally extend to the immediate family or close friends.

Flowers provide a meaningful tribute, bringing a warmth and visible expression of love, which many families see as an important part of the funeral ceremony. Although certain flowers do have different meanings, it is more important that you choose colours and flowers that have special meaning to you and convey what you want to say, maybe reflecting the personality of the deceased.

Whatever your preference of funeral arrangements, floral tributes add beauty to any type of service and your funeral director will help guide you through choosing an appropriate display.

Where do I start ?

  • Do you have a flower budget
  • Do you have a particular colour scheme that you would like.
  • Do you want to include seasonal flowers
  • Do you have a particular design or theme
  • Do you want to restrict flowers to immediate family
  • Where will flowers go after the service.( If funeral at Crematorium )



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