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We have an excellent track record of providing a personal service on a family to family basis and we are a genuine Independent Family Funeral Directors ( not a corporate group using a “family” name )

We answer to you and you only, we do not answer to shareholders or a board of directors that set performance targets in some distant office for the benefit of faceless investors.

Our new premises are situated in the centre of the town with adequate adjacent parking. With our arranging room, Chapels of Rest, and full backroom facilities on site ensuring you always know where your loved one is and that they are receiving the utmost care and dignity.

Being Independent gives us the flexibility to make the funerals fit in with family requirements. Being a signatory to the national “Fair Funerals Pledge” we are totally transparent in everything we do. Independence also allows us to keep our costs down and pass the savings onto you.

We provide our families with a fair price that has no compromise on service.

We are the town’s only true Independent Funeral Directors, owned and run by locals that were born and bred in Inverclyde. We welcome the opportunity to do our bit in the regeneration of our community. 


Planning and arranging a funeral for a member of your family or a friend is the most difficult day of your life. Everything that your family and friends ever thought about a loved one is expressed on that day.

Whenever someone dies it comes as a great shock, sometimes the death may be expected however nothing prepares you for the emotional distress of losing someone.

At Port Glasgow Funeral Services we look after our families with genuine interest and total commitment. The funeral is a means by which family and friends can say goodbye, expressing love honour and respect. We will help you every step of the way.

Whatever is right for your family will be arranged with dignity and respect and you will realise that you are dealing with people who really care. We appreciate the trust that is placed with us and aim to surpass your expectations.

For many people the “Funeral Cortege” is still one of the most important aspects of the funeral experience. However it is entirely up to you how you want this aspect of the funeral to appear. We fully explain the options that are available.

The type and number of vehicles that you may need.

Whether you would like a specialised hearse. There are many now available including Horse and Carriage, Motorcycle hearse, coloured hearses or indeed traditional black hearse

 Any specific route

 The arrangement and display of floral tributes.

Choosing a coffin is one of the hardest aspects of arranging a funeral. For some families it is the most difficult and emotional element associated with discussing the funeral arrangements. 

We offer an extensive range of quality coffins and the funeral director will take you through the various elements that will help you choose which is the most appropriate for your family’s needs. Your choice will be influenced by many things including the personality or indeed the wishes of the deceased.


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